Oreimo - Review​

The most widely known anime for the little sister romance, oreimo. Shockingly​ it has a good ending, and why no incest tag you ask? Caz he just won't mistakenly fall on his little sister and catch her breast accidently (thou it happened one time, just one time okay! >_<). Not just romance, this anime also shows the hardships of a girl who hides her love for eroge (little sister R18+ games especially) from others. How will she overcome these hardships? Will she find friends who share the same love as her? How will her non-otaku friends react when they come to know about her interests? Thats what this anime is about. Her brother helps her to solve the problems she have. But little does he realize the fact that his little sister is in love with him. I don't want to spoil anything , so I say you will absolutely love the ending this anime has. She won't everytime be lovey-dovey with her brother or something, so if you want those lovey-dovey fanservices, you may get disappointed.
With some comedy and the lovely brother-sister relationship (not talking about dirty relationship here) , this anime is really a memorable one. The anime has 2 seasons and a specials for each, and the story ends in the specials of the second season, which you are supposed to watch after you watched everything. This anime ends here , hopefully, if this anime continues it will be a garbage. With a fullstop, Oreimo ends! My little review can't be this good!

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