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Top 10 Anime to watch this season (Spring 2017)

Spring, the chillness in the air goes and the warmth increases in time. with the start of my last academic year of my highschool, I wish to make this year a memorable one. With a total of 64 anime airing this season , I will be selecting 10 anime which piqued my interest. Remember, this list is of my own personal opinion, so make sure you check all the anime airing this season so that you might not miss your ideal ones. (Click Here). Also this list will be of  only newly airing anime (that is, no season 2's or season 3's). Enjoy~!

10. Ani ni Tsukeru Kusuri wa Nai! (April 1)
The story centers on a violent girl who strikes her idiot older brother. The story also focuses on sibling love, love, and food.
Tags: Comedy, Slice of life, School life, Based on a Manga
Will watch this anime just for some laughs.Also its artwork is very unique and it seems to concentrate just on comedy, should be fun watching.
9. Clockwork Planet (April 6) The action fantasy is set in a world was destroyed and…

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