Masamune-kun's Revenge - Review

Come on, we all how these kind of anime ends, right? With a some-what good base, but bad takeoff and flight, Masamune-kun’s revenge is somewhat an average. With 12 episodes and with weird twisted storyline,  it failed to entertain me. I even thought of dropping it but who leaves a donut half eaten?! Yep, it’s just like a donut, outside its filled with chocolate and toppings (depends on the donut you usually buy) but is empty at its deep core. 
Solely based on taking revenge, Masamune-kun goes off on his journey to humiliate that girl who dumped him 7 years ago, because he was fat. But now after so many hardships, he had developed a good body and confidence to win any girl’s heart. He plans to make that girl fall in love with him but it seems like it is much harder than he thought! 
Its animation somewhat matches its story. Sparkling shiny always-happy kind of animation, and with a nothing goes wrong plot, yeah.  But I got to say this , it’s too bright, TOO BRIGHT!
The characters were somewhat good and it’s hard to admit it (>///<).  Each character has their own past and twisted personalities. The characters are not that unique and you can find them in any average school based anime, but their story is what made them unique.
He is so stubborn in taking revenge and due to that, he fails to see everything else. Come on if I was him I would just get a girl better than her and boast it off to her. That’s what everyone does, and if he had done that, it would have been less interesting. I would recommend you this if you have no idea what to watch, or want to pass some time. But if season 2 comes, I would definitely watch it in hopes of a better Masamune-kun’s revenge season.

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