Gurren Lagann - Review

Honestly , I watched this anime just because of Yoko , the busty half-naked girl. But this anime is just more than that girl. Whenever I think about this anime , I feel somewhat nostalgic , sad and happy. This anime packs a lot of 'comebacks' and 'Nothing is impossible' type of scenes. Just when i thought about dropping this anime , because it went without any tragic events , I got hit like how 9\11 happened (lol sry). Full action-packed , deep story and characters you get well attached to , this anime is a must-watch if you are a fan of mecha and Sci-fi anime.

The story really has a deep , DEEP meaning if you carefully see. Just when you think it will go the way you predicted , you will be proven wrong. The story goes as 2 boys who have been living underground, goes to the surface with the help of the busty Yoko and Lagann , a mecha (called Gunmen in the anime). The adventure begins there.

Made by Gainax , who also made Evangalion ( it's a mecha sci-fi too) , it was very well done. The robots, were animated in 2-D but you wont find any flaws in them. Since it released in 2007 , you cant complain much about the animation.

Wow , just wow. The beats and rap-like BGM is what makes the fight scenes awesome. And not to mention in the second half , the use of orchestra was well done too. The opening and ending was not that special but its ok. ROW ROW , FIGHT THE POWAR!

Man , such nice characters, will just take you a minute or so to get attached with them. My favourite character other than the MCs was Viral and Yoko. I watched this anime just for Yoko , yeah. I kinda have a thing for redheads ;)

Such heartwarming anime , I never expected this anime to be this good. I thought this would be like the ones you would just watch and forget the moment you finished watching. Nope. I absolutely loved the characters and throughout, i got soo attached to them. This anime , will stay in my heart forever. Farewell , Gurren Lagann.

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