ReLife - Review

What happens when you get a second chance for entering high school? What will you do if you are given a chance to reduce your age by 10 for a year? Well thats what this anime is about. With just 13 episodes and a different manga style , Relife has been one of the most famous anime for its slice of life and school life. With not much serious plot and some comedy around , you will find it fun and get attached to this anime very fast.

A guy (28 years old) , jobless NEET , gets a proposal for participating in an experiment conducted by The ReLife Lab with the agreement of giving him a job next year and pays him for his expenses till that , but in the cost of reducing his age by 10 and attending a high school for a year , and after he finishes that year , the memories of him in his classmates and his friends will be forgotten. He , when returning home drunk , accepts this proposal and takes the pill which reduces his age (The famous blue-white capsule). He wakes up and panics after seeing his beard missing and looking younger. Then a guy comes in as his supporter (stalker) who proposed the experiment , helps him to go to school. He finds himself having trouble to communicate properly and his tragic past (the reason he was a NEET) keeps strangling him. And he tries his best to avoid getting too emotionally attached to the students so that he wont feel sad after the time period is over.

The animation was pretty normal and nothing special was in it. The soundtrack was very good and the OP was good too. But every episode had different ending songs which was fun hearing them and not skipping them. Beware , the ending songs lowers in half and the episode continues most of the time , so dont skip them or do it carefully.

The characters can be seen in any high school anime , love-struck tsundere, airhead good-in-studies-only guy, airhead good-in-studies-only girl , etc etc. You will get to love them and know more about them since each character has somewhat sad past to get to know.

Fun , happy anime will bring you back to your high school memories (whether good or bad memories depends upon you lol) and feel like you want to take the pill too. This anime will teach you that to not to care about the future and live the present. But is that how an adult should be?

About the manga & season 2
The first season covers 108 manga chapters and they are somewhat short but continues the story. I would recommend you read the manga because it doesn't seem like a season 2 will be coming on 2017 or at the least in 2018 . So it can be expected in 2019 when they will have 250+ chapters, hopefully....

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