Bokura wa minna Kawaisou - Review

An awesome anime with just 12 episodes , Bokura wa minna kawaisou is just a great anime with awesome artwork. As it is adapted from a manga , it is more like you are reading a manga when you watch thia anime. This anime has fully met my expectations (but why only 1 season ? :< ) Such humor filled , colourful anime deserves a season 2 so badly. Aaaand romance......? Well not much romance is found but you can find those flattering moments which you want to watch (insert lenny face here)
Well i doubt season 2 would come in 2017 since the manga is soo slow paced. You could read the manga if you are that interested.
Coming to the story , is about a typical high school boy who is a first-year , wanted to live alone and have a perfect girlfriend. He meets a beautiful girl at the library. He planned to live in a Complex?or a Manor? Ohh, a boarding house , yeah. Like a place where different people live together. He didn't really like that place but after realising that the beautiful girl he met in the library also lives there , he decides to stay. He develops a crush on her and will she? Watch and see (evil laugh)
The animation was the best thing in thia anime , like really it was soo good. They managed to pull off top class animation because there were like 30% chibi moments since the manga had a lot of chibi usages. But it's good like watching chibi and normal at the same time.
The opening and the ending was unskipable. Really. They were soo good and catchy.
The characters on the other hand , was cheerful , always happy type ones.
CONCLUSION: If you are feeling down after watching a tragic or bad anime , or felling bad that you don't have a gf , (Dont worry , i don't have gf and i'm still happy ;) )you can watch this anime and replenish you happi meter :) .

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