MM! : Review


MM , well it's a confusing anime and there is not much to say about it. But i can say that the plot of this anime was forced. After watching the first 3 or 4 episodes , you may lose interest in this anime ( Daijoubu , I've watched full) but don't be fooled by the starting of this anime. This anime will give you a promising ending. The story starts off with a main male character who is a genuine masochist. For those who doesn't know what masochist means , basically a masochistic person often gets excited when he is harassed or beaten up sexually , physically and even emotionally. The main protagonist joins a club so that he can cure his masochism. Will he able to cure it? Well find it out.

About the animation when i saw the first episode , It gave a pretty bad expression about the animation but its ok i would say. There were some clingy moments and the indoor backgrounds were not given enough attention.

And about the story..umm.....really some characters have a dark background and its just confusing.
So if you expect romance , you wont get it , if you expect comedy , you will get it. Just give it a try and if you absolutely hate the first episode , drop it!

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