The devil is a part timer! - Review

I absolutely loved this show. This is one of the most famous comedy anime , and the way they adapted it from the light novel, i have never seen such an amazing light novel adaptation ever! The comedy in this anime is just very different from the comedy you would find in other anime. This show some serious badass moments and a whole lot of comedy. I would definitely recommend this if you want so e fun and laugh out.

Story(no spoilers)
A Demon king (Maou) Satan launches a war in a parallel world known as Ente Isla against the humans in it. But a hero rises among the humans and corners the Demon king and his general. Having no other option , the Demon king and his general flees through a gate which leads to a random location. In this case the random location was Japan. They were shocked when they say things which doesn't run on magic. Since there is no magic in Japan , they lose their powers too. They decided to stay in Japan , learn Japanese and work a part time. But guess what , the hero comes in too to slay him, but since she lost her power too , she has to cope with him.

For a light novel adaptation, its very good. White fox who are also known to make Stiens Gate and Re:zero , the animation was pretty good. No clingy moments and the fight scenes were top notch. Though you wont get world class fight scenes like one punch man.

This anime has one of the best OST's I've seen. The BGM's in this anime made me concentrate on them , and i had to rewind and watch again (lol) . The opening was ok , but the ending was unskipable, like really! The Voice acting was really well done.

The characters will just make you get attached to them in a matter of time. You will absolutely love them and this is what makes the anime so popular, and the reason people eagerly waiting for a season 2, including me.

You will absolutely love this anime if you are a fan of comedy-actions. I first watched this show due to its popularity and Emi (really , i just  love redheads ). The time i used to watch this show , i dont regret it (even though i watched it right before my exams, while no one was at home). This anime , will be one of your new favourites!

About season 2 (no spoilers thou)(for those who already watched)
I've done some research on the internet , and it was told by the director in Feb 2017 that they are planning to take action to make a season 2 . So you can expect a season 2 atleast in 2018 (hopefully).
No patience? I would recommend you to read the light novel then. The anime adapts the first two volumes of light novel (yes , just two) but i would recommend you read from the first. Its worth it. There ia a manga too , though the manga chapters just cover the anime. Just release the season 2 already!

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