Seiren - Review


Seiren , an anime taking a realistic view of a 2nd year highschool boy having relationship with  3 different girls. Relationship with each girls are unique and are in parallel worlds , that is they are not connected in any way. More like a Visual novel which you play three times and get all the three different endings. The main protagonist is the same while the three girls have different personalities and unique traits of their own. Each story is of 4 episodes and usually ends (i.e they show how they will end up in their future). Light-hearted comedy and romance, the main character have three different experiences of his life with different girls. Dont misinterpret this for Harem because the three stories happen in completely different worlds.

The animation is very well done , nothing special to say about them. This anime gives off an non-mangaistic vibe , and cute , realistic characters.

The OP and Ed was good , but not that good. I didn't notice any specialities about the BGM too. And each story has its own ending song, so thats a plus.

The characters , they took a realistic view and designed the girls. All with same hair color , well yeah in Japan the schools are more stricter than in anime. But Eventually , they cant just desigh all the girls with black hair , and they introduced some red and white heads too (lol) even though they dont seem to be the main female protagonists in the upcoming stories.


If you like lighthearted comedy and romance, where the boy tries to make a move, then this is for you.And also not to mention , why are there six girls in the poster , while this anime is said to cover only three girls? It would be nice if this anime has more than three stories.

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