Nyan koi! - Review

Nyan koi! - Review
Nyan koi! A comedic romantic? Or haremic anime filled with cats. With a humor suitable for all ages , I would definitely recommend this to everyone, but , unfortunately there won't be a season 2 . Read the last section to know why. Lets talk about the anime first. Non-echii fan services , check. Tsundere moments , check. Comedy, check.

A boy randomly moves around and kicks a can which accidentally hits a cat statue and breaks it. So the boy gets cursed. The curse is , you will turn into a cat if you don't admire and help cats . Also you can understand what cats say. And if someone else comes to know about this curse , the curse will fasted and the other person will get cursed too. So the main protagonist goes around fulfilling requests given by cats. Heard this kind of story somewhere , yeah me too but i just cant remember.

For a 2009 anime , nat bad , yeah , not bad *applause*. Good colors , backgrounds were well done. Well done AIC studios , not to say much.

I kinda felt like this was a shoujo anime when I saw this anime. This was because of the BGM or background music. Adapting a shoujo-style BGM for a harem anime , bad. But it could be because The anime used old-style music. But it matched well surprisingly. Wow now I'm confused....

A blockhead , dense main protagonist, a childhood tsundere friend , a cute shy girl , flat senpai , too big in everything senpai , twin sisters with pigtails , every character you can see in a typical harem-concentrated anime. My favourite was the D-cup Kanako-san. I hope the Kanako ship reaches the shore.

So if you love harem and comedy , this is for you! But this anime sadly wont get a season 2 , read more to know. I absolutely loved the characters and you get soo attached to them. Thats what makes you want a season 2.

Even though season 2 was announced in the last episode , we wont be having a season 2. You can read the manga if you want more of Nyan koi! Start from the beginning because the anime has cut a lot of scenes from the manga. The harem doesn't end here in season 1.I've seen some harem endings and they usually go with the character like Kanako. So will this anime get a season 2 ? Probably not. Its been 10 years and only 34 manga chapters have been released. And the anime ending in manga is like 15th chapter i think.... Looks like the mangaka has some health issues and the manga is in hiatus now , that is , currently in a break or something. This is not the first time the manga is in hiatus , this happened 3 times , in 2010 , 2011 and in 2014 , the 34th chapter was released. So his only work has stopped so i think the issue is serious. There wont be enough content for making a season 2 with the number of chapters we currently have , so get well Sato Fujiwara. But there is even an online petition for season 2 , if we get 10,000 signatures , there could be chance the company may pity the viewers and force to make a season 2 , even though the odds are very tiny. It currently has 969 signatures.....the link: https://www.ipetitions.com/petition/season-2-nyan-koi

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