Clockwork Planet - Review

With a really silly plot and some pinch of action and comedy, clockwork planet will entertain you for the time being. A good story development and lovable characters is all it takes to make yourself like this anime. During the course, you will really stick to the characters by watching them how beautifully they develop into. As a light-novel adaptation, this indeed has an excellent plot but the the same time, didn't slack off at the action part. You won't be feeling bored watching this because there is humor everywhere in this anime. Even when they are in dire situation there is comedy. So that it won't just be a concentrated action or comedy, but an amazing work of both together.
Story (8/10)
As the most crucial and interesting fragment, the story opens in an interesting way explaining the working of the world, and how people live in them. And it progresses smoothly as new villans and challenges appear. The world is really well constructed with its complicated gears and science works. They will eventually explain everything but if you are careless and not pay attention to it, you might lose the track of the story. The rate at which the story goes is also proportional to the character development​ which makes things more refreshing.
Animation (7/10)
Now this really is a tight spot. The animation was not that great and it may leave you wondering why a famous light-novel's adaptation has such a sloppy animation. The hair moments are weird, different angles have different kind of shapes, but they didn't fail to animate the gears since it is the most crucial object in this anime. Gears and some fight scenes were animated in 3D . The 2D animation won't bother you much since they atoned it by its amazing 3D animation.
Sound (8/10)
I really loved the Opening song and ending song, and some BGMs too. Well composed, and it really suits the anime perfectly.
Characters (8/10)
You will really love to just sit back and watch the characters marching towards their goals and ambitions. The characters will develop feelings like jealousy and hatred and will overcome them eventually. The talented envy of the genius and the vice versa is just really refreshing to watch.
It is just fun to watch the mixture of comedy and action in the really complicated world running on gears. If you like some action, but not too serious action type, then you're going to love this.

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