GJ-bu - Review

Just like a candy after a spicy meal, GJ-bu is a sweet one to watch while or after watching some serious , tragedic anime.... Thats what I thought before watching this... But i realised that this is no any ordinary storyless comedy show. Without my realisation, I got attached to this anime and when it ended, I got a little sad. Not because it was actually emotional, but I got so attached to it and thats why. Heartwarming comedy with some flirtatious scenes (fanservices, didn't hate them though..) GJ-bu is not so unique anime since there are a lot of similar ones like this, but this anime carried out pretty well.

A boy along with some girls in a so called GJ-club, who don't have any work to do, does some random things messing around. Asking random questions like "Why are boys so noisy?" and making him brush their hair. The small events that happen have somewhat a connection between them.

With a lots of comedy, this can be a really good relaxing one.Bright cutesy anime but also the same time a decent one to attach with, this one will be on my "Never forget" list. And the same 'may' go with you too.

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