Hyouka - Review

This anime will activate your urge to know more about something you would normally ignore in daily life, or simply, curious. Now imagine a boy, who has a potential in solving mysteries, is lazy and his reason is that he is ‘conserving’ energy. Then he is forced to join a Classics club  by his sister so that the club can remain alive. When he arrives in the clubroom, expecting nobody, he surprisingly sees a girl in that class. She is one of the members too and she forces him to do this and that, that is, solve mysteries around the school. Like for example about the rumors of some secret clubs and such ( Don’t want to spoil). That’s what this anime is about. But not only that the story beautifully develops as jealousy, conflicts and hatred arises among the students. As a slice of life and school & club life, I think this anime deserves a 9.5/10. But I hated the way they ended the anime though, it was plain…..
The animation style was very unique including the characters too. The art style was very fine detailed too and you won’t find any flaws in them. The music part was very well done too and nothing much to comment about them.
The characters undergo very drastic changes (good and bad included) and see life from a different point of view. They learn more about life and how to deal with hatred and jealousy. Unfortunately, no romance is formed between the characters but there is a slight hint of thin deep inside, so it might happen in the future.
With slight comedy and an interesting plot, this anime will definitely will be your memorable one. But this anime do contain some spoilers of western mystery novels such as ‘The ABC Murder’ and so on. But it wont bother you much. When I was watching this anime, I found myself drowning into it and trying to solve those mysteries on my own, and you will definitely too drown into it.

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