DanMachi - Review

Is it what the hell is up with that title. Not that it matters. Shortly , DanMachi is the anime which is set up like a happy-utopic world where everything just goes right for you. It's just like those shows which you watch to get your mood up or become happy. So its definitely worth your time if your mood is off or just you are bored. Speaking of the 'romance' tag , you wouldn't see any romance like in shoujo anime or like in romance-based ones. You could say there were no romance at all actually, but a mix of li'l harem and very little romance.

In an adventurous world where you praise a god or a goddess so that you can get powerful or get blessings from them. But the god or goddess actually stays with you in the land for some reason. A god or a goddess is said to have a familia when he/she has one or more people worshiping him/her. The adventurers farm 'crystals' violet in color at the places called dungeons , kinda gives off that RPG kind feel right? The dungeon has floors and when you go each floor deepeer , the harder monsters appear.The story goes as a boy who has just started out adventuring , gets cornered in the dungeon by a huge monster which wasn't supposed to be there. Then he gets saved by a beautiful girl who is known to be 'The Sword Princess', due to her overwhelming power. He goes off to the city covered in that monster's blood and everyone laughs at him. Then he decides he want to get powerful so that he can catch up to her. The boy belongs to a familia with his goddess alone. Yeah he is the o ly member in that familia. Then you can predict what's gomna happen next.

Such clean animation with no flaws and smooth fighting moments , there was no such complaints. The opening and ending was ok and no special BGM's caught my ear. But it gave off a RPG kind of feeling.

A Main protagonist who is a blockhead, too kind-hearted and every girls falls for him for his looks and kindness. A loli big breast. Animal ears and tails. Every characters you can see in a fantasy anime. With simple designs and no such complicated personalities , you won't be wandering about them that much.

I watched this anime mainly because i saw the 'romance' tag. But i didnt get any romance at all. It was more like an harem without echii. Yeah. And the title is very interesting too giving of an adventurous aura which lures you to watch it. If you have free time just watch it so that you can get your bad mood to good. If you want something interesting or like expect more from this anime , i suggest you drop those expectations. 

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