Toradora! - Review

This anime first gave me a good impression after watching the first episode. A comedic-romance anime , it meet my expectations quite fine, but I got the feeling that still something was missing. Why you may ask? Because they have not given enough romance , nor enough comedy. I admit that it was quite fum watching this anime and it had some fleeting moments too. But the story was rushed too and the last 5 eps. It could be because they had cut some moments from the original light novel. The characters was just fine , and you can see these characters in every anime. The MC blockhead , An eternal-optimistic girl feeling love for the first time , tsundere , and not to mention a famous idol as a third party character. The story?meh , it was neither good nor bad , i.e average i would say. Usual developments of feelings of love like getting stuck in a room with a girl alone , visiting each on holidays , etc. And this anime ends right here, yeah , no season 2's or 3's . And its way too obvious who he would end up with , and you can easily guess whats gonna happen next and so far. But each episodes progresses with the storyline. The animation was quite good as the anime aired in 2008. The opening and ending was fine too . But , i honestly expected more from this anime because this anime is so famous for its complicated relationships and love. If you are the type of guy who wants to start watching romantic anime , i would recommend this to you. But if you are already familiar with romantic anime , then you wont get much from this anime.

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