Keijo!!! : Review



Animated boobs and butt fights, Keijo!! is most porbably the most famous anime this season. Echii and action mixed , Keijo has simply amazed me with its animation and music. Basically , Nozomi Kaminashi the main protagonist has enrolled in the Keijo academy so that she can become a professional Keijo player and help her family financially. There are two classes , Normal class and the Elite class. the Elite class has the facilities of a five-star hotel while the normal class with normal facilities. Four Keijo players at a time fight.. or they call it a race , race on a floating platform called "land" to knock each other down. The last one to be on the land is the winner and receive a huge cash amount.And what do they study on the academy? Asstrology and Boobology ofc.

Animation & Sound
They really did a good job on these two. The animation and the sounds were the best part of this anime imo. The fine character designs and the orchestral background music , the opening and ending , you just cant skip them easily.
Overall , you wont get super action story plots , we all know we just watch this for fun , and lets keep watching for fun.

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