Walkure Romanze : Review

Walkure Romanze

Walkure Romanze is a echii , harem , romance anime , at least thats what they say but couldn't find any of them. No much echii. Ok let me ask what echii do you expect from an horse riding anime. Well its obviously hot girls in sexy suits but it even failed in them. At least they could have developed nice harem but they failed in it too. Its just a bunch of girls asking a boy to become their begleiter or an assistant who gives tactics and tips to the actual jouster. And no absolute romance, just no! Ok i understand this anime is made by the 8-bit studios who also made Infinite stratos , which is one of my favourite harem anime. And i expected the same kind of harem on this anime too. Ok enough blabbing and lets go to the plus points in this anime.
Animation and sound was great , just great! They Did a good  job in making the 3-D movements of the horses and the shaders. I could hardly believe that this anime was released in 2013. And the BGM was really good too. As expected from 8-bit studios. And looks like they ran out of time in the last episode because the 2-D animation of the last episode kinda sucked. Like really sucked.
The story was soo forced , more forced than force applied on a baby on its way to be born. Just , it was so annoying like you would see how they had great characters , animation and sounds but they just ruined it with the story. The plot was good but the way they represented it was awful.
The characters , i really liked the character designs. But about their involvement in the story..... i don't even know what to say. The way they represented the characters was so bad that i even forgot what they were supposed to do when i was in halfway. Some characters like Celia and the nurse weren't given enough attention which bothered me.
Overall , this would have been an awesome anime only if they give enough attention for the story , other than that everything was great. I would recommend this if you have nothing else to watch or if you are bored of the normal echii and harem. I didn't hate it so much and if season 2 was released , i would give it a try , and you should too!

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