Noucome : Review

My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy

Noucome has amazed me with their concept of their story. Basically the main protagonist Kanade has a abnormal mental condition which he called it 'Absolute choice ' . Basically, suddenly out of nowhere two foolish choices appear. He has to do any of them or his head will start hurting. And whatever he chooses will become true. About the story , it feels like they were trying to take it slow but suddenly forced it at the end. It could be because it has only 10 episodes. The animation was great especially the background and  the floating choices. About the sound, just wow they did a really good job. Especially when the choices appear , the OP and the ED too. Each characters had their own unique personalities but , i kinda felt like some characters were from other anime like Kanade : Shido from Date a live , Furano : Koneko from high school DxD. Other than that this is a great anime but the only thing that bothered me was how short the anime was i.e only 10 episodes. With this really good concept they could have done at least 18 episodes or release extra chibi episodes. I really enjoyed it and waiting for season two :D

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