My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU : Review

My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

*This review covers both the seasons, no spoilers*

This anime , even though not so famous like the mainstreams , is the most favourite anime of those who watched this. This anime is the personal favourites of famous anime youtubers like TheAnimeMan , Einshine and including me :P. Fully concentrated on School life and Club life , this anime is a must watch for high schoolers. I really enjoyed my time watching this when i was in high school, so much that i rewatched it again and read the light novel too!

The main character Hikigaya Hachiman , is a loner who has experienced a lot of hardships back in his middle school. He spends all his time alone and his goal is to become a full-time house husband. But due to his rotten personality (a good personality actually) , he was forced to join a Service club by his teacher so that he can mingle with others and use his knowledge to help others.

The animation was pretty bad, yeah. His face was like , what? why? This would be an awesome first season if the animation was made good. But dont worry , you wont be complaining about the animation since the anime itself will make you love it. And the second season has way better animation than the first , so dont drop just because if this.

The sound was very well done especially the openings and endings. The voice acting was awesome too especially Yui's one. The BGM was very well done too.

This anime mainly concentrates on characters and their personalities. You will be eager to learn about the characters

I personally enjoyed a lot watching this anime when I was in high school. The main character was my favourite, and it will somewhat make you feel like the MC's way of thinking and yours are the same , because cmon , there are not many people who were famous during their school , but we are loners who watch anime and has no gf (cries inside).

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