Baka to test to Shoukanjuu : Review

Baka to test to shoukanjuu 


One of the finest works of SILVER LINK studios , Baka to test to shoukanjuu has really impressed my with their character designs and their concept of summoning.Basically you can summon the chibi version of yours (by doing hand symbols and shouting summon!) Inside a particular field which only the teachers can create and the power of your summon depends upon your performance in particular subjects. For example if a math teacher creates a field , and you summon your.... well those chibi character are called summons , so anyway when you summon your summon , its power depends upon your performance on maths. The main settings is in Fumizuki academy where the students are divided based on their academic scores , i.e from Class 2-A to Class 2-F in descending order. Basically Class 2-A has the facilities of a five-star hotel and Class 2-F has the worst facilities in the school. And to gain the higher class's facilities , you should battle them and win. And after a battle , you can replenish your scores by taking supplementary classes. The main protagonist is Akihisa Yoshi , a complete idiot put in Class 2-F with his friends.

There isn't such story development. This anime is all about the gags and comedy. Even with the comedy , there is a formation of a love-triangle too!! But this anime is not just all about the story which is ok.

Animation I should say that the SILVER LINK studios did a pretty good job on this one. The animated nosebleeds , Himeji-san's animated boobs and Minami's animated boo.... nvm. There were no glitchy animations and everything went just fine. Or maybe i didn't notice anything.

The voice acting in japanese was really good especially the moody narrator. The opening and the ending was just too awesome and they were my favourite ones.

I don't really care about the character development. But no such character development was found.
And the character design was just so good. There were gays , lesbians , guy who looks like a girl , flat chest , and the opposite of flat chest , idiots , geniuses, and at the least not to mention the FFF ( you can see where they are going )
This is really an awesome anime and is one of my favourite ones. If you are a big fan of comedy anime with slight character developments and heavy nosebleeds , this is your right choice. But unlike the second season , this season doesn't have much past stories of the characters. So let's go SUMMON!

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